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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 13, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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pleasanton is jammed and hopfully we will have recovery soon and you can download this app for free at apple app and google play. >> developing news overnight authorities in southern california announced char human remains have been found in the torched cabin where suspected cop killer christopher dorner is believed holed up. we have team coverage live in los angeles. >> good morning, eric. authorities are not confirming not remains are christopher dorner but many are hopeful the terror could be over. >> it is a volatile situation. >> the manhunt for christopher dorner centers on this burned out cabin in the mountains east of los angeles where a charred body has now been discovered.
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>> we believe someone was inside and we had reason to believe that was christopher dorner. >> witnesses spot the him on tuesday afternoon not far from where the burned out truck was found. he held two women hostage and a victim was jay's wife. >> he tied them in and broke in. they are okay. they are fine. >>the suspect carjacked a second vehicle. after a police chase he dipped the -- ditched the car. the tense moments were captured on the air during the newscast. >> another life was taken. >> unfortunately, one of our deputies passed away as a result of his injuries. >> accused of three murders dorner promised to continue killing officers and their families in retaliation for being fired from the lapd.
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he wrote in the onlineman -- the online manifesto there is no negotiateing. authorities tell abc news the body is believed to be christopher dorner but he has not been positively identified. eric? >> we heard of searches as far away as mexico but in reality he never got out of the area. >> if the remains are positively identified as dorner, that is true. we reported over the weekend his truck broke and when you talk about, people thought he had an elaborate plan, and his badge what found in san diego and spotted buying scuba gear in
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torrance but he could have been in the mountains the whole time. where has he been the last six days? hiding out? was he in one of the cabins? >> stay with the abc7 morning news for continuing coverage of this story at 6:30 we will check with katie marzullo for an update and morning morning will be live in san bernardino county as 7:00 a.m. >> a pittsburg police officer was shot while chasing a man wanting on outstanding warrants. the officer was taken to the hospital and treated and released. it happened at 11:30 on maple and east 11th. the officer returned fire and hit the 30-year-old suspect. the suspect is at the hospital in stable condition. now, a quick look at the scene here with a lot of police in the area and part of the street is blocked off, and abc7 news reporter will have a live report
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in about 30 minutes from the scene. develop news from the south bay, the investigator continues in santa clara after the highway patrol made a volatile discovery inside a home. our reporter is live outside the home with what officers found and what they did after. cornell? >> police are still on the scene and neighbors are shocked about what they found inside this house. homemade explosive devices. neighbors are more surprised when the bomb squad showed up and blew them up right here in the front yard as a precaution. >> the video shows the homemade bonds had chemicals being detonated after being inside the house. we flew over the house and c.h.p. was investigating the man who lives here, 45-year-old, after he made a threat against a public official but we do not
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know who that is. that led to a search warrant. he lived here for 20 years but rarely spoke to anyone. neighbors say he often wear camouflage and was strange. >> he was not all there. he has all the antennas at the house and surveillance videos. >> in his backyard he has big barrels of...i don't know. >> we are glad there want a -- there wasn't any detonation. >> lucky nothing blew up for now. he is in custody. he was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and detonating an explosive device but we don't know when and there that might have happened. the c.h.p. will return to this house later this morning to collect more evidence. when we get more information, of course, we will bring it to you. the sandbags in the front yard
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were used to make sure any debris did not fly in the neighborhood or damage any houses. we are live in santa clara for abc7 news. >> 6:07. president obama delivered his "state of the union" address. >> a terror plot unfolding in the bay area, with lawyers raising doubts about a man accused of trying to attack an oakland bank. year clear
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. >> i have a bigger concern about black ice in the north bay at napa and santa rosa at 30 degrees but santa rosa has visibility to three quarters of a mile so be careful on the bridges and overpasses it could be slick. this afternoon, we have sunshine and temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's but the coast is upper 50's with a few clouds. our two warmest days are ahead of us, thursday and friday, mid-60's to 70 and not bad on saturday. high clouds and sunshine and low 60's at the coast and upper 60's for the rest of us. >> looking at clearing any moment san francisco southbound
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101, an accident much earlier this morning blocking the right lane and in the clearing phases with an injury involving a taxi and a mustang and one person taken to the hospital. again final clearing stages. a new accident in daly city north skyline boulevard the on-ramp could be shut down to north 101 to get emergency crews and back to the ways app we had a sig-alert but that is lifted and the backup remains southbound 680 to pleasanton and 84 back to livermore so, still, a slow-go area. a san jose man accused of a terror plot to blow up an oakland bank will appear in court. the 28-year-old defendant is a taliban sympathizer who planned to destroy the bank of america on friday. he was arrested after trying to activate a car bomb parked in front of the bank.
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an underdiscover f.b.i. agent designed something that looked like a bomb but was harmless. civil rights advocates question whether he was capable of carrying out the plot with a documented mental illness. >> we will shift gears from land to sea, ahead the new location where coffee lovers can get a java jolt. >> he calls it a childish spectacle turning down an in
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> we are back and looking at
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the satellite and radar, notice the jet stream, the storm track to the north we are starting to see that offshore wind develop, and that will bring us warmer weather headed through today and especially tomorrow and friday. we starting off with a little bit of fog, a few clouds near the cost trying to push into san francisco, and mid-30's inland, and low 40's around the bay and coast through 7:00, and in the mid-to-upper 50's with total sunshine at noon and enjoy the comfortable highs this afternoon, low-to-mid 60's. >> president obama hits the road if three days to rally support for the economic initiatives presented in the "state of the union" address and will be in asheville, north carolina, today. the president asked congress to pass legislation allowing homeowners to refinance at current levels. and wants high quality pre-school available and pushed congress to push through immigration reform. he challenged lawmakers to vote on gun control and got the biggest applause.
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>> the families of newtown deserve a vote. the towns and other communities ripped open by gun violence deserve a simple vote. >> the republican response, senator rubio of florida said more government will not help. >> more government does not help you get ahead. it will hold you back. more government isn't going to create more opportunity. it will limit them. more government isn't going toibl expire new ideas, new businesses, and new private sector jobs. >> speaker boehner says immigration reform is the only item on the president's agenda that actually has a chance of passing this year. >> six of the nine supreme court justices attended the "state of the union" address. those that did not included scalia and he is explaining why. he says he hasn't attended a "state of the union" address in 16 years but it is a childish spectacle and says he does not wand to lend dignity to a
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political event filled with applause lines. the supreme court justice calls the "state of the union" address a "rather silly affair." stay with abc citizen for continuing coverage of the president's "state of the union" address and george stephanopolis will have reaction on "good morning america" at 6:00. >> he speaks his mind. >> will we have the same warm temperatures of yesterday? >> warmer today, tomorrow, and friday. here is a look at the cloud cover over the bay area this morning. not so extensive as yesterday. you can see all the clear air above it. when we get beyond that morning cloud layer we will have a lot of sunshine. you can see the radar return or lack thereof because of the clear dry air. the clouds are hugging the coast. this has happened the last three
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hours as we try to get that cloud cover to public across san francisco toward oakland and fill in a little bit of the northern part of the bay. it will be a short-lived affair compared to yesterday. my concern in the north bay, 30 in santa rosa and napa and black ice and we have 4 in fremont and mountain view and san jose. and 43 in oakland and 45 in san francisco and at 37 in concord and redwood city. we have 37 in watsonville, santa cruz and salinas and holding at 33 in gilroy. today, it will be sunny and temperatures are close to average if not above, tonight we will have patchy fog but less cloud cover than this morning and our warm of the highs are coming at us tomorrow and friday. they will still be mild but getting cooler each day with the coolest weather with showers tuesday. today, the sun is shining and low-to-mid 60's including 60 in san francisco to 62 in oakland county concord, san jose, at 64,
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and san rafael at 63, and santa rosa at 65 and upper 60's along the coast with a few clouds. low-to-mid 60's around monterey, and 64 to 66 degrees inland. temperatures tonight are not is cool as this morning, we will be in the upper 30's to mid-40's in most areas and san francisco warmer at 47. two areas of high pressure are still dominating our weather still keeping the jet stream and the storm track well to the north. temperatures reach the mid-60's to 70 for valentine's day and friday. we drop a couple of degrees saturday and sunday and back to average on monday with upper 50's and low 60's for the rest of us and a chance for showers and mid-to-upper 50's on tuesday. >> early accident south 680 has been cleared but the damage is done and that is usually a nasty commute but that traffic is jammed all the way back to 680
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and 84 is jammed to livermore with no good alternate. you can navigate with a free app and apple app and google play. a couple of problem spots have c.h.p. on the scene with the right lane blocked and an early accident and a second accident at that scene and that has been cleared southbound 101 and hopefully that will be out of there in the next few minutes. in daly city, northbound skyline boulevard has been shut down because of an accident and a car in a guardrail, now, the bay bridge commute, metering lights have been turned on and back to the second overcrossing. eric and kristen? >> starbucks teams up with armed forces.
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>> we are talking high temperatures today compared to average, san jose is a degree warmer and same for redwood city and oakland and three or four degrees in livermore and napa. and san francisco is one degree cooler-than-average. notice how quiet the radar is, 52 in eureka for the keeler spots and mid-to-upper 60's from sunny big sur through the israel -- central valley. 70 in los angeles and palm springs. >> a high speed chase ended with three people under arrest in the east bay accused of stealing a car. >> antioch police say the two men and a woman were in the stolen car that crashes at the harbor street exit on highway 4 in pittsburg. the chase started at 4:00 a.m. after an officer recognized the stolen car driving on 18th and a street. the driver took off and crashed
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a short time later. starbucks has opened up the first location aboard a navy war ship off the cost of california. the navy rubs the coffee shun but starbucks representative are on hand to train the navy crew members. if coffee is not enough of a verge for you, look at this, the new luxury droid smartphone is hitting store shelfs in britain the gadget includes only the best hard way including a crystal screen and special camera and casing. where are the diamond encrusted ... >> it will hurt when you drop that baby, right? >> pa -- pa -- banana joe is
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"best in show" at westminster last night in new york. he has won 86 big shows but nothing like this, the first affenpinscher to take top honorers. they are known for their monkey like faces and "affen" means monkey or ape in germany and that is where the breed originated. banana joe will enjoy retirement in the netherlands. >> he deserves that. pope petroleum makes the first public. >> firance since announcing the resignation. >> but, are charred remains in a cabin those of christopher dorner? >> a pittsburg police officer was shot and investigators are still at the seen gathering evidence to use in the case again the shooter. well update you on the investigation and tell you how
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the for
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 6:29. i am kristen sze. >> your weather forecast is coming from mike. >> we will start with live doppler 7 hd. we have clouds moving toward the coast again. unlike yesterday, they have not made the transition across san francisco. we are starting clear with 33 and fog in santa rosa. black ice is a possibility. we will be sunny by lunch. 54 to 359. milder in the afternoon. upper 50's to low 60's. it will be clear evening, but not heavy jacket weather at 50
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to 55. >> inland, we have frost and fog at 30 to 42 to start the day and mid-to-upper 50's at lunch and bright with a beautiful blue sky and low-to-mid 60's in the afternoon. it will be cooler in the evening and you will need a heavy jacket 44 to 48. a last stop to the coast we have the clouds along the peninsula coast this morning. 37 to 41. low-to-mid 60's and cooler at balloon and a breezy temperature this afternoon in the mid-to-upper 50's. have a good day. >> out of the dublin/pleasanton an early accident is long gone but 84 is jammed in livermore and 580 is slow from the central valley is bumper to bumper not a good one this morning. this is the abc7 app available if free the scene apple app and google play. san francisco south 101, the accident is fineally cleared from the lanes and traffic will slow nicely through that area
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and north skyline boulevard the on-ramp to north 101 in daly city is shut down and emergency crews are on the scene and a new accident west 92 at 880 on the shoulder and the median approaching the san mateo bridge toll plaza. >> breaking news from contra costa a police officer is recovering from gunshot wound this morning after getting into a gun battle overnight in pittsburg. our reporter joins us live from the seen to explain how it all unfolded. >> look behind me, police are still here. the investigation is still ongoing on maple street and it is blocked off, officers say it is a large crime scene and they don't want to miss anything. they think they will be here a while. they say the man who fired at two officers is in the hospital, they do have him in custody, and he did hit one of the officers. investigators say both of the officers returned fire, even the wounded won.
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they hit the suspect. both the men, the police officer and suspect were taken to the hospital and the officer was treated and released. he will build okay. they say the suspect is in stable condition. >> our suspect is 30-year-old resident with an extensive criminal history for weapons and drug-related charges and also wanted on several warrants for the same charges. >> they took a couple of other men in custody to question them. they are still being questioned right now. they are not under arrest and they believe the man in the hospital is the only senator. officers tried to approach the 30-year-old man last night when he was standing on the street. he took off running and was look back and shooting at officers while he ran. they will not say why they were approaching him but they had warrants for his arrest.
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>> developing news as we told you at 4:30, authorities confirmed that charred remains were found in the torched cabin near big bear where suspected cop killer got if a firefight with police. now the next step in the investigation. >> the next step is identifying the body. authorities do believe it is dorner but they will need forensic and it could take days or weeks. listen to this video from outside the big bear cabin where chris tough dorner was in a stand off with police. police told abc news they saw dorner enter the cabin but did not see him leave. early in the day he tied up two women and burglarized a different cabin, carjacked a man and shot at law enforcement officers as he tried to flee the
6:33 am
area. one sheriff deputy was killed bringing the death toll in the rampage to four. law enforcement is not letting their guard down. dorner has been identified as deseized or he has handcuffs on him we will continue as if he is there. >> the cabin burned for hours yesterday, too hot for law enforcement to go in. he has not yet been identified. there will be an update on the situation at 4:00 this afternoon. >> katie, thank you very much. a memorial is set for this morning for riverside police officer michael crane who dorner is accused of killing on thursday. the governor brown will attend the service. police say the 34-year-old was
6:34 am
gunned down in an ambush on the hunt for dorner. he leaves behind a wife and two young children. stay with abc7 for continuing coverage of this story. "good morning america" will have much more coming up at 7:00 a.m. in 25 minutes from now. >> new this morning, pope benedict has wrapped up the first public appearance since the stunning announcement of the resignation two days ago. huge crowds greeted the pope with a standing ovation the scene vatican. he marked the first day of lent with the weekly address telling thousands he is stepping down for the good of the work. the 85-year-old will celebrate ab wednesday map at st. peter's. >> barry bonds will ask a court in san francisco to overturn his conviction. a panel will hear arguments from his attorneys at the 9th circuit court of appeals at 9:30 this morning and they have argued that bonds was convicted if giving a rambling answer that
6:35 am
had nothing do with a grand jury probe in the steroid scandal but prosecutors say he gave evasive answers when he testified in 2003 about the use of performance-enhancing drugs. >> a uc santa cruz student was shot in the head at a bus stop. the 21-year-old victim said he snuck up behind her and told her to empty the pockets. she d but the suspect shot her anyway, and she thought she was hit with the rifle but found out she actually had been shot with a small caliber bullet. >> coming up first, the commute that could soon get more expensive for thousands of passengers and how much more a bart ticket could cost you. >> a live look outside north
6:36 am
bay, san rafael, 101, it is busy but it is flowing. we will talk to sue and mike in a couple of
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>> we are coming up on 6:40 and our percentage of normal to this date we are only at 78 percent of the snow we are supposed to have in the sierra and it gets worse when you figure out the pentagon of the season. we are more than half and we have until april 1st to get back to normal so we have a lot of snow, or we need a lot but there is not a lot in the forecast. it is dry on radar. 49 in tahoe with sunshine. mid-to-upper 60's central valley and big sur and low do mid 70's around los angeles and palm springs. safe travels.
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>> okay, not too bad. you can see the headlights emerging from the fog mike has been talking about. it is not limiting the visibility 80 westbound beyond the university overcrossing and to the macarthur maze but know the metering lights are on the scene bay bridge. test drive from the central valley from tray -- tracy and altamont pass. westbound 880, slowing on the approach to the san mateo toll plaza but the bridge is moving nicely itself. >> bart riders could soon pay more for their commute. bart is proposing 5.2 percent increase in fares for 2014 raising the average fare by 18 cents from $3.44 to $3.62. bart says it is necessary to stay on track with inflation. plan would increase slightly fares in 2016 and 2018 and 2020
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and increase parking lot fees. bart board will discuss the proposal tomorrow in oakland. >> ahead, the top-ranked bay area university getting more expensive to attend. >> the dow is up about eight points, still over 14,000. but first a fiery explosion in the south bay, with dangerous materials found inside a home
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♪ yeeeowwww! ♪ hot mess hot mess hot mess ♪
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♪ you're a hot kind of love you set me on fire ♪ ♪ you spice up my night feed my every desire ♪ jack's one hit wonder is now a burger. the hot mess is loaded with spicy jalapeños, onion rings and gooey pepper jack cheese. ♪ you're a - a hot mess and that's how i met your mom. ♪ hot mess >> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 6:44, still a concern for black ice in santa rosa, with three quarters of a mile with a lot of moisture and temperatures
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below 30, so bridges and overpasses could develop black ice. now, today, 34 inland, through 7:00. low 40's for the rest of us and mid-to-upper 50's with total sunshine at noon. moving forward, hour heaviest, not heaviest, our warmest temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 60's tomorrow for valentine's day and 70 on friday and snow cooling trend on saturday and snow showers in the sunday forecast in three or four minutes. >> thank you, mike, we have breaking news, a brand new development in the southern california manhunt. we have a story saying california driver license naming christopher dorner was found in that burned cabin in big bear along with the body. perhaps more indication that the charred body found and the remains could be the ex-lapd cop turned cop killer. officials have been looking for
6:44 am
him. tests need to be done on the remains to positively identify the body and the lapd sheriff will hold news conference this morning. >> we continue to follow developing news from the south bay where explosives were detonated in front of a santa clara home. the man would lives there is under arrest. our news reporter is live the scene scene. cornell? >> we cannot tell you that c.h.p. is back on the scene to search for more evidence. neighbors are shocked about what they have found in the house. homemade explosive devices and neighbors are more surprised when the bomb jodd showed up -- when the bomb squad showed up to blow them up. >> not something you want to be around if you do not know what the chemical mixture is so out of safety for everyone, some of the items they could not fully identified so we try to err on
6:45 am
the side of caution. that was c.h.p. talking about what they will do today. surveillance video showed the homemade bombs and chemicals being detonated after they were found inside this house. sky 7 flew over the house last night and c.h.p. was investigating 45-year-old suspect's home after he made a threat. the suspect is now in custody this morning and arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and detonating an explosive device although we do not know when and where that happened. again, the c.h.p. is now back on the scene here and as far as the public official goes that he made a threat against we don't know who that is but because the c.h.p. is here they say it was a state official. hope to learn more information
6:46 am
later this morning about what they plan to do inside and if they found anything we will bring that to you, of course. >> thank you. stanford trustees have voted to raise tuition by 3.5 percent this fall. undergraduate students pay $56,000 a year for room, board and tuition. this affects undergraduates, graduate engineers, and medical and law students. the board raised tuition by 3.9 percent for first-year mba students. stanford offers $130 million a year in financial aid they say. families making under $100,000 pay no tuition and families making under $60,000 pay no tuition, room or board. >> cheaper mac books from apple and a new list 6 the most romantic cities in time for you know what day. >> and taco bell is promising surprisey development. jane king has it all from the new york stock exchange.
6:47 am
>> talk of a major announcement the scene top of the hour. it could be a menu concept for taco bell, it could be menu enhancements or maybe it has to do with doritos which is popular or maybe delivery service. we will final out shortly. the situation with american airlines and possible messager with us airways we could have a deal announced today. there is nothing official yet and the talk could fall apart but the vice would be if they don't merge. sales rise in january but slower than october that is the word from the commerce department, and the increase in payroll taxes did not weigh on consumer spending that much. here is how we started off on wall street, not a lot of reaction to the "state of the union" address and a quiet start
6:48 am
and the bloomberg silicon valley index looks like this, a little bit here. apple introducing lower price version of the mac book with faster process trying to attract price conscious consumers and with valentine's day dome, people want to know the most romantic city in the nation is ...marquette, michigan. so much snow you just is to day inside, i guess. followed by greenville, north carolina, based on the number of romance-related movies. maybe the more romantic movies the more they stay home. >> i think we will take the bay area. >> michigan? or our weather? >> 200" of snow a year or
6:49 am
something crazy like that. okay, this looks lovely this morning, haze in the east bay valley and the fog is trying to spill out of the north bay valley but not making it into here. as we look from the east bay hills camera, around the bay again from san francisco to oakland, we have a late push of the morning marine layering for we could get in 9 summer, not as extensive as it was yesterday. it is out there and showed up on live doppler 7 hd and you can see the cloud cover along the coast. across the bay bridge to burley and alameda and oakland and richmond the clouds the not hang around as long as yesterday. >> and now the rain, in san jose, where 86 percent of average up to today were below average and santa rosa is close at 99 percent and sack
6:50 am
membership to is doing better at 103 and 1304. in the bay area everyone is below average. napa and santa rosa, fog and black ice and possible. san francisco and oakland are fine. fremont and mountain view and san jose at 40. 37 in redwood city. and gilroy is coolest at 34. a lot of sun and temperatures are mild with patchy fog in the north bay and warmest highs are thursday and friday cooler this weekend, with showers on tuesday and sierra snow, fine, and low-to-mid 60's from 60 in san francisco and richmond and 65 in santa rosa and oakland 62 and in the mid-to-upper 50's the scene beaches and low-to-mid 60's around the bay and mid-60's inland. the temperatures tonight are not as cool as this morning and upper 30's to mid 40's and san francisco is 47 degrees. we will try to touch 70 tomorrow
6:51 am
and friday and hopefully that warms your heart. we lose a couple degrees saturday and sunday and by monday temperatures are back to average for the holidays, and low 60's around at the bay and chilly with showers possible on tuesday and mid-to-upper 50's. have a great day. sue? >> a live look now at 680 through walnut creek out of pleasant hill and concord the turn at north main you can see the brake lights and heavy traffic. brake lights approaching highway 24 and moderate traffic the entire san ramon valley. a new sig-alert issued north skyline boulevard the on-ramp to northbound one in daly city a car hit the guard rail and emergency cruise are on the scene and shut down the on-ramp for 30 minutes and the drive times are heavy and over the altamont pass into the dublin/pleasanton and early accident has traffic very slow from 580/680 junction to san jose. kristen and eric?
6:52 am
>> five things to know before you go.
6:53 am
>> five things to know before you go. breaking news, a source says christopher dorner's drivers license has been found in the rubble of a cabin in big burr. investigators confirmed the char remains in the cabin where he sought refuge. governor brown will be among those paying respects for the riverside police officer believed killed by dorner. police say the 34-year-old officer was gunned down in an ambush on thursday and leaves behind a wife and son. >> pittsburg police officer is recovered after being shot while chasing a man who has warrants.
6:54 am
>> barry bonds will ask a federal appeals court to overturn his felony obstruction of justice conviction. the attorneys have argued that bonds was convicted if giving a rambling answer that has nothing to do with the steroid scandal. >> president obama is headed to income to rally support for the job support and work quickly on immigration reform. >> you are shocked by marquette, michigan, being the most romantic city in america. >> i am shocked by both. maybe you can go on "dancing with the stars" next. >> our temperatures today are above average from one degree in san jose to four degrees in napa. we will break it down by region. the coast is not as breezy and more sunshine than yesterday,
6:55 am
but we are starting off with cloud cover along the peninsula and 56 to 58. it will be brighter around the bay at 359 to 64 and hang out in the low-to-mid 60's inland. sue? >> we go back to the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see the fog out there that mike has been talking about with headlights showing jammed up because of metering lights. no stalls or accidents but we still have a signature alater on north skyline boulevard the onramp to highway one is blocked because of an injury accident, and the drive times if you are headed out 101 out of santa rosa, it is looking good. >> we continue in 25 minutes during "good morning america" with news, weather and traffic.
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good morning, america. breaking, new details on the harrowing shoot-out with the fugitive ex-cop, christopher dorner. ending in a hail of gunfire, all playing out live on television. >> get the [ bleep ] out! >> new information on the hostages he held, the burning cabin. and we hear directly from the man he carjacked, just as he was discovered.
6:59 am
battle lines. the president set the stage with a challenging state of the union. urging action on the economy and drawing the line on gun laws. >> the families of newtown deserve a vote. >> star republican marco rubio responds this morning. breaking this morning, the pope speaks in english for the first time since his shocking announcement. his moving and historic words at his final ash wednesday mass. and why he's trying to clear up the conspiracy theories right now. banana joe. >> peeling away from the competition. banana joe, best in show. the 4-year-old beats the crowd favorite, swagger, the english sheepdog. this affenpinscher is second to no one.


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